Why Using Recruiters To Hire In the Property Management Industry Is Beneficial

Searching for that new hire to join your team in property management? Many times the position already has the job description in place with specific needs. Those needs may be for lease-up apartment experience, renovation, or simply maintaining the property and keeping the owner happy.

Quite often, especially in senior level roles within property management, the applicant will help define the position. Specific skills in a resume often encourage a client to expand the role and redefine the the position.

Our role is to assist you in finding the candidate that will do the job for you whether is it managing 100 multifamily units, overseeing 10,000 apartment units, or managing a luxury landmark office building. It is equally important to us that the maintenance technician or building engineer have the same integrity as the person stepping in to the regional role.

Every part of property management from the onsite to corporate positions require a strong background. Financial experience is very important. A controller with direct property management experience in either multi-family or commercial real estate, may be the answer to a good night’s sleep. Rest assured that your business interests are being overseen by a qualified new hire.

We specialize in finding property management professionals who will assist in making your business successful. Over the years we have placed general contractors, renovation supervisors, marketing directors, affordable housing compliance, condominium managers, event planners, tenant services coordinators, commercial building security staff, and administrative positions.

We have access to great candidates who will not have their resumes posted online or be answering every ad posted. Often, their search is confidential. We may request that you meet them at a neutral place such as a coffee shop to protect the confidentiality of both your searches.

Why use us? We are trusted by both our clients and our candidates.