Every resume that comes to us, whether via fax or email, is reviewed. Those candidates with experience in the field of property management will receive a call back.

Each position we have is truly characterized by our clients’ needs; therefore, every candidate is not always an exact match for each position.

We pride ourselves on finding the best position for your next career move or advancement.


Our process starts with a full review of your resume in its entirety, followed by a phone or in-person conversation to gather any additional needed information about your past work history, goals, and the direction you would like to take your career.

Oftentimes after reviewing your resume, we are able to provide you with constructive direction regarding your resume, like adding or deleting content, revising the layout, etc.

Although we don’t rewrite resumes here in our office, we are very well versed in providing you direction on what’s “hot” and what’s not in today’s property management industry—which means we know what sells! We see a high volume of resumes on a daily basis and we know what interests us and what doesn’t.


References can make you or break you when searching for a job.

In order for us to make sure we are narrowing in on the right candidate for the position, a complete reference check is done on your past employment record. We prefer at least two professional references from people in a supervisory role to you.  Lost contact?  Don’t worry! We may be able to find them for you!


Keep in mind that your present employer is currently providing your paycheck, and we understand that! So, feel confident that we will do NOTHING to jeopardize that for you. Should there come a time in the process that a reference is needed from your current employer, a written authorization will be required from you authorizing that contact to be made.

No doubt your performance speaks for itself—but somebody needs to confirm that!

It is important to be prepared. Track down past employers/supervisors ahead of time and retrieve office or cell phone numbers, so that you have them readily available.

Designations, education, and certifications are all items to be verified.

Please see the Who Are Your References? page for more information on being prepared when it comes to your references.

Interviewing with the Employer

We try our best to make this as smooth and convenient for you and the prospective employer as possible. We work with the employer/client to try and accommodate everyone’s schedule, confidentiality, and ease of access in meeting with one another.

The majority of our interviews are done during the work hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Occasionally there are exceptions to the rule, when a client has been able to accommodate either an after-hours meeting time or on the weekend.

After the interview, we are always eager to hear from you as soon as you finish so that we may gauge your level of interest in the position from your feedback. Our goal is then to coordinate the next step for you and keep the communication going!