Why Recruiters Are Crucial When Confidentially Searching For a Job in Property Management

Currently employed and want to change your job in property management? Tread lightly and do not leave any footprints behind.

In today’s world if technology, as you already know, very little is private. Alexa, are you listening?

Please trust me when I tell you that the HR Department of your present company is constantly searching job sites that post resumes. There’s a good chance that they will see your updated resume listed. Professional groups, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all good sources but again, information is not always private.

I have also known folks who reach out to their favorite vendor to ask about other opportunities in multi-family and also commercial. Remember that the person must protect their own livelihood and would jeopardize a professional relationship with a client.

Call a friend? Perhaps. But again, it is easy for one whispered word to lead to a call from your supervisor resulting in you looking your current job. Remember, you want to plan and implement your next career move.

I am happy so say that over the years so many of you have called me when you were ready to make that change. On occasion, I have listened and advised that you take a deep breath, get a good night’s sleep, and, if I know you well enough, advise a cold beer, glass of wine, or hot cup of tea when you get home. Many times, a calming voice is all that’s needed for you to stay in place and wait for that right opportunity. Do not, in any way, make a rush move until you have your game plan in place.

What is your plan? Let me know your career goals and what you hope to find in your new position. Often I hear you want work/life balance or career growth.

Why work with a recruiter? Not only will I help you search confidentially, but more often than not, I will be doing an equally confidential search for a client who is either replacing someone or acquiring new properties. The job listing will not be the open market. Most times, the interview will be at a coffee shop to the not only protect you, but the client as well.

Working with us allows your search to be private. We would NEVER send your resume to a client without asking you first. We are very careful in reference checks to avoid any issues. Some have questioned our telephone number showing up as private on your phone. After all of these years, I am happy to say our phone number is quite well known. Heaven forbid our number show up on your caller ID and someone in your workplace see it.

Ready to interview? We will cover tips on that process soon. Stay tuned!